Welcome to the BTrDB.jl documentation. We provide Julia access to the Berkeley Tree Database (BTrBD) along with some select convenience methods.

BTrDB is a very, very fast timeseries database. Specifically, it is a time partitioned, version annotated, clustered solution for high density univariate data. It's also incredibly easy to use.

Information on specific versions of these bindings can be found on the Release page.

Package Manual


Only exported (i.e. available for use without BTrDB. qualifier after loading the BTrDB.jl package with using BTrDB) types and functions are considered a part of the public API of the BTrDB.jl package. In general all such objects are documented in this manual (in case some documentation is missing please kindly report an issue here).

Please be warned that while Julia allows you to access internal functions or types of BTrDB.jl these can change without warning between versions of BTrDB.jl. In particular it is not safe to directly access fields of types that are a part of public API of the BTrDB.jl package using e.g. the info function. Whenever some operation on fields of defined types is considered allowed an appropriate exported function should be used instead.